Welcome to my updated website! I am happy to announce that I have a new book coming out this fall: Unspeakable: A Life Beyond Sexual Morality. This book is the culmination of work that I began during my sabbatical year in Paris, 2013-2014, when I wrote most of the blog posts below. The road to publishing academic history is long and windy, especially when you’re dealing with a tricky subject, as I am in Unspeakable, which is a social history of modern pederasty told through the life of the notorious writer Norman Douglas. Unspeakable is now available for pre-order from amazon. Check back here in the months to come for news and updates about the book, and about my current work-in-progress, “Good Food, Bad Sex: A History of Illicit Pleasures.” Thanks for visiting!

Author: Rachel Hope Cleves

Professor of history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Author of Charity and Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America (2014), and The Reign of Terror in America (2009). My new book about the notorious writer, Norman Douglas, will be out in October 2020. Now working on a project titled "Good Food, Bad Sex."

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  1. Looking forward to this book about the saturnine Norman Douglas! Also interested in his relationship with Adelsward Fersen!

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