Welcome to my updated website! I am happy to announce that I have a new book coming out this fall: Unspeakable: A Life Beyond Sexual Morality. This book is the culmination of work that I began during my sabbatical year in Paris, 2013-2014, when I wrote most of the blog posts below. The road to publishing academic history is long and windy, especially when you’re dealing with a tricky subject, as I am in Unspeakable, which is a social history of modern pederasty told through the life of the notorious writer Norman Douglas. Unspeakable is now available for pre-order from amazon. Check back here in the months to come for news and updates about the book, and about my current work-in-progress, “Good Food, Bad Sex: A History of Illicit Pleasures.” Thanks for visiting!

1 Comments on “News”

  1. Looking forward to this book about the saturnine Norman Douglas! Also interested in his relationship with Adelsward Fersen!

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