New Podcast about Unspeakable!

Last week I spoke with Graham Foster at the Anthony Burgess Foundation about Norman Douglas and his role as a character in Burgess’s masterpiece, Earthly Powers. Burgess’s novel tells the story of a closeted gay novelist, Ken Toomey, who is haunted by the vision of Norman Douglas’s rapacious sexual appetite. Foster and I talk in this podcast about who Douglas was and why Burgess chose him to represent his hero’s worst nightmare.

Author: Rachel Hope Cleves

Professor of history at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Author of Charity and Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America (2014), and The Reign of Terror in America (2009). My new book about the notorious writer, Norman Douglas, will be out in October 2020. Now working on a project titled "Good Food, Bad Sex."

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