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  1. I am loving your blog entries, which are demonstrating some joyful conflicts between your American-side, your BC-side and other English influences..hello, Tim…to say little about the French position on so many sides. You appear to be having a very rich experience that will mightily inflence your new book.
    The blog on Chicken a la Maryland was quite interesting because the mid-west, plains state recipe is called Chicken Fried Steak complete with the heavily peppered white gravy which does not resemble a butter enriched Sauce Bechamel that you describe.
    Keep up the good effort. Hello to Tim, Maya and Eli. Aunt Carol

    1. Thanks Carol. There are countless variations on Chicken Maryland. I tried John Beard’s recipe last night (and added the photos to the blog post). Tasted great, and the best part is: leftover fried chicken for lunch.

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